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Product Description

Nokdu (Mung Bean) siru is sweet and has a chewy texture.

Product Detail: 1 kg - 10-11 pieces. 3 to 4 serves 


Pickup available at Selected pickup location at the CART page

Usually ready in 2-4 days

Nokdu (Mung Bean) siru

  • Injulmi : Glutinous rice, soy bean, sugar, salt

    Black Sesame Pumpkin Injulmi: Glutinous rice, sugar, salt, sweet pumpkin, black sesame.

    Half moon rice cake: Red bean, sugar, white rice, sea salt.

    Honey Rice Cake: Brown sugar, soy powder, sesame seed, rice cake, strawberry powder.

    Injulmi with herb: Soybean powder, glutinous rice, sugar, sea salt, fresh mixed herbs.Mung bean pumpkin injulmi: Glutinous rice, sugar, salt, mung bean, sweet pumpkin.

    White sulgi (Purple Heart): Rice, sugar, strawberry powderSusu-gyeongdan: Rice, red bean, soy bean, mung bean, sugar, sea salt.Songpyeon: Rice, white sesame seed, mung bean, brown sugar, white sugar, sea salt, purple sweet potato powder, pumpkin powder, artemisia herb, strawberry powder.

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