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<Delivery Order Guide>

Delivery over $150 is free and less than $150 incurs an additional delivery fee of $25.

What time will my rice cake arrive for local delivery?

It is hard to estimate exactly how long it will take for us to get to your location. However, we aim to deliver the goods between 11am to 5pm. A text message before the delivery will be sent to your mobile phone on the day of your scheduled delivery.

How many days can you store and eat the rice cakes?

Our rice cakes are made to order and made early in the morning to be delivered same day. Therefore, we recommend that rice cakes should be consumed on the same day for best flavour and texture.

If you wish to store your rice cakes, they should be stored frozen as soon as possible. Also refer to our blog on how to store and eat your rice cakes.  

Glutinous rice cake: take them out after freezing and defrost it naturally in a room temperature.

Non-glutinous rice cake: keep them warm with a rice cooker, or slightly warm it up in a steamer so you can have them again softly. (It may spread if you warm it excessively or leave it in a steamer for a long time.)

Can all rice cakes be stored and frozen?

No, not all rice cakes can be stored frozen.
Half-moon puffed rice cake, Sweet rice balls and Fresh Strawberry mochi, cannot be stored frozen as the texture of these rice cakes can easily harden.

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