Susu(sorghum) Gyungdan

Susu(sorghum) Gyungdan

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It is believed that the red color of sorghum/Susu drives away demons and prevents bad luck. (Not recommended to customers unless celebrating birthdays for babies)


Rice, red bean, soy bean, sugar, sea salt.

Allergen Info

Contain soy bean and mung bean.

Allergy Statement

Menu items contain or come into contact with white sesame, black sesame, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, soy and beans (refer to collection our our beans).

Product Description

Susu(sorghum) Gyungdan is a type of tteok (rice cake) made of Susu(sorghum) coated with red bean powder It is typical rice cake for celebration of 1st year BD or 100th day for a baby.


To be consumed on the day.
Do not refrigerate. Must be frozen if not consumed on the day
If you wish to store for a longer period, please refer to our "Storage Tips" on our Blog and FAQs.

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Please refer to our terms and conditions.

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