Rice cake storage

How to store rice cakes

Rice cakes must be consumed at room temperature within 24 hours. 

It is best to consume the rice cakes on the day to enjoy its freshness. If it cannot be consumed within 24 hours, you must freese the rice cakes ON THE DAY to keep its freshness and prevent hardening. Please note, the flavour and texture of the rice cakes may be affected by freezing/defrosting. 

How many days can you eat?

We recommend that rice cakes made in the early morning should be consumed on the day. Rice cakes that will not be consumed within a day should be stored frozen. 

Glutinous rice cake: take them out after freezing and defrost it naturally in a room temperature.

Non-glutinous rice cake: keep them warm with a rice cooker, or slightly warm it up in a steamer so you can have them again softly. (It may spread if you warm it excessively or leave it in a steamer for a long time.)

Please tell me what rice cakes can or cannot be frozen.
All rice cakes can be stored frozen except for Half-moon puffed rice cake and Fresh Strawberry mochi. The texture of those rice cakes cannot be stored frozen and can easily be harden.

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